Petnica Summer Institute


Nikola Božić

Nikola is the sssistant director for educational programs in Petnica. He is also the editor in chief of Serbian edition of Popular Science, a science educator and communicator and the author of a rewarded book "Astronomy for kids".

Institution: PSC, Petnica, Serbia

Email: bozicn (at)

Ivan Milić

Ivan is a postdoc working at Max-Planck Institute for Solar system research in Göttingen. His main interestes are astrophysical spectropolarimetry and numerical radiative transfer. He was head of Department of astronomy in Petnica between years 2009 and 2012.

Institution: MPS, Göttingen, Germany

Email: milic (at)

Andrej Obuljen

Andrej is a PhD student at SISSA, working on large-scale structure and 21cm cosmology. He was head of Department of astronomy in Petnica between years 2012 and 2015.

Institution: SISSA, Trieste, Italy

Email: aobuljen (at)

Marko Simonović

Marko is a postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, working on theoretical cosmology. He has been involved in the astronomy program of Petnica Science Center as a participant, lecturer and supervisor since 2001.

Institution: IAS, Princeton, USA.

Email: markos (at)

Gabrijela Zaharijaš

Gabrijela is working on dark matter detection. Her interests cover astroparticle physics, physics beyond the Standard Model and cosmology. She is currently an assistent professor at University of Nova Gorica.

Institution: University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

Email: gabrijela.zaharijas (at)

Friends of PSI

Gabriele Trevisan

Gabriele is a postdoc at New York University. His main research interests are theoretical cosmology and QFT. He has designed and maintained the PSI website and lectured in the first edition of the PSI Summer School.

Institution: NYU, New York, USA

Email: gt989 (at)